My Story

My personal growth journey led me to network marketing. My sister Susan led me to my network-marketing vehicle: doTERRA.

When I was a young girl my mom was “The Vitamin Lady” with Shaklee and my sister was a Mary Kay Cosmetics distributor. I didn’t know it at the time, but both of those businesses were multi level marketing, or network marketing. Neither my mom nor my sister made any money with their businesses. They seemed to really like being their own boss though. That’s how I learned to take daily vitamins, but I never got into wearing makeup and very rarely ever do today.

When I was 21 I read my first self-help book: Handbook to Higher Consciousness the science of happiness by Ken Keyes Jr.  I was intrigued and completely hooked on nonfiction/self help books. My 2nd book was Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.  Since that time I have read thousands of self-help, now commonly classified as, personal development books.

At some point in my twenties I had a quick glimpse at network marketing. I was invited to a gathering at someone’s home. He was a lot older than I was. There were about 10-15 people there. The presenter told us about his companies’ products. I remember it being a very boring presentation. Home cleaning and other household products were not in the least bit interesting to a 20 something year old –or at least not to me. I left there thinking “What a depressing way to earn a living”.

Not long after this, I got sucked into a pyramid scheme. I lost $400 when a friend from work told me about this great way to earn money fast.  Everyone was talking about this “opportunity”. I didn’t want to be left behind. I had no idea that if there is no product involved in an investment that it’s probably an illegal pyramid scheme. I was really embarrassed when the pyramid collapsed and I lost my hard earned money just like that. I never told my family or friends about this, I felt so ashamed and stupid.

At 27 I was a little wiser but still had many things to learn about money and investing it. I managed to buy a condo in Maui, where I was living and working. I invested in a new complex that was not built yet. There was a waiting list for the condo complex and a good friend’s number was higher up than mine. So, we decided to buy one together. We only had to put 5% down since it was a Federal Housing Association loan.  Nine months later the project was still not finished. My friend was getting married and decided to start his own business so he wanted to back out of the purchase. The still not built condos were selling for $10,000 more than we were paying.  So, my friend wanted me to pay him half the appreciation (5k) plus his 5k down payment to buy him out.  I was so upset that my friend was trying to make money on something that was not even built yet. With help from my dad, I paid my no longer friend off and owned the condo outright. From that experience, I learned that mixing friendship and business is not always a good idea. In the long run it worked out fine – 12 years later I sold the condo for 200k more than I paid for it, including the pay out to that guy. I put that money down on the farmland that I now live on with my family.

In my late 30s I got married and started a family.  I continued to work, learn and read personal development books. When my kids were young the books were about parenting. As they got older, I read everything I could get my hands on about money and investing. I wanted to manage and invest well so I could have horses in my back yard, send my kids to private schools, volunteer my time, donate to good causes, travel regularly and have time and financial freedom to make my own schedule.

My kids are teenagers now. 4 years ago I upgraded to an iphone and bought an elliptical machine. While I was working out and trying to figure out what an “app” was, I discovered podcasts. I was still reading self-help books, but now I had added self-development audio programs. I couldn’t wait to workout.  I found a few podcasts where they interviewed famous authors and motivational speakers. One day a podcaster named Dean Dwyer recommended listening to a guy named David TS Wood. So, I searched for David TS Wood. Sure enough, he had a podcast called “The Kickass Life”. He was so motivational and optimist.  I listened only to his program for the next year. David talked about his lifestyle a lot. He traveled all the time, bought a new house, remodeled his new house, owned an island, had amazing parties, and tons of friends. I wondered how he made his money. He would talk about helping others make their dreams come true and how he could help me too if I wanted. I wasn’t sure what profession he was in.

Then he started another podcast called “Amplified Network Marketing”, and I realized he was a multi millionaire from network marketing.  That’s what I wanted to do. But, I didn’t want to be a Vitamin Lady and I don’t wear make up. I don’t like diets or diet programs. The prepaid legal business seemed shady. I couldn’t see myself being passionate about telecommunications.  What could my vehicle be?

My sister Susan had shared a few essential oils with me while she was visiting Maui. She also told me she was starting her own essential oil business. For Christmas 2013 my three sisters and I went in on an expensive gift for our dad. I owed Susan $1,000 for my portion of that gift. I asked her if I could make monthly payments. She asked if I would just like to buy $100 a month of essential oils from her for ten months. Then we would be even.

I had only tried one type of essential oil in the past. I put citronella in my homemade horse fly spray. I bought it at the local health food store for $5 per 5ml. I thought the oils Susan shared with me smelled nice. That’s it. They smelled nice. But I took her up on her offer to buy oils to repay my debt to her. What the heck I thought – it was a great offer no matter what I was buying.

Susan had brought her whole oil collection to Maui to show me, and share with others.  When we made the “oil trade deal” she asked if I was interested in having my own business with doTERRa. My response to her was, “I will never have a business with essential oils”. They were pretty foreign to me and I couldn’t imagine anyone else being interested in buying them, let alone joining an essential oil network marketing company. I thought people bought one bottle of oil a year and used it just for aromatherapy. My sense of smell is very keen, but I had no interest in being in the aromatherapy business. I thought essential oils were for “new agers” or  “tree huggers”.

Before I even made my first order, I started using the oils Susan shared with me on my daughters. My 8 year old rolled a combo of oils on the dozen or so warts she had on her arms and legs. She applied it a few times a day: when she remembered. Within a month we could not see where the warts were. There were no marks at all!

That same daughter used to cough a lot. Any cold or health challenge caused her to cough, especially at night. This cough would last weeks. One night as I lay cringing at my sweet girl coughing every other minute while she was trying to sleep, I decided to give the new oils I had bought a try. I rubbed Breathe on the bottom of her feet and put 4 drops of that same oil in a diffuser next to her bed. Within 10 minutes she had stopped coughing and was sleeping peacefully. When I went back into my room my husband said to me, “What did you do to her?” It was very drastic and very obvious that the essential oils worked remarkably.

Soon after that my husband starting asking for oils that he could take to his classroom. Diffusing was against the public school’s rules so he would hide his diffuser and oils in the corner behind his desk. He was a Special Ed teacher and was very grateful for the calming effect the oils had on his classroom of kindergartners, 1st and 2nd graders. He also relied on them in the afternoons for himself when he was running low on energy.

As I told friends and family about our experiences with doTERRA essential oils I saw how interested and excited everyone got. Even though I knew very little about the oils, people either had heard of them and used them already (and loved them), or they wanted to try some. It was like applying the first lesson I learned when I was in kindergarten: share and you’ll make friends.

At this point I knew that I had found my network marketing vehicle. Sure, I had plenty to learn, but there were a lot of resources available. Our upline leaders Kelli and Kathie answered any question I had almost immediately. Kelli even walked me through one of my first enrollments over the phone It was 7:30pm Hawaii time, which is 10:30pm her time! I was picking up my daughter from her friend’s house and the mom said “I want to buy essential oils from you”. Someone had given her a doTERRA sample that day at a farmer’s market. The mom had other brands of oils but really loved the smell of her new samples and wanted me to be her sponsor.  When I asked her what oils she wanted she said, “All of them”. My heart leapt out of my chest! We went to her computer and dialed Kelli. I put Kelli on my cell speaker phone so she could walk us through the enrollment process. For some reason, this mom can’t stand to be around cell phones. So, I ran outside with Kelli still on the line. She stayed on the line as I ran inside to convey the needed info. Then I ran back outside for each step of enrollment. I ran back and forth several times until she was enrolled with an Everything Oil Kit. My adrenaline was pumping. It was so exciting!

I have found my vehicle. What was I thinking when I said I would never be in the essential oil business? I am ecstatic that the profession of network marketing is so heavily focused on personal development. On a podcast I recently heard, “Network marketing is personal development with a compensation plan”.

This profession is right up my alley, and doTERRA is the perfect company to assist me on my journey. I am so grateful.